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Night Time Skin Routine

Night Time Skin Routine

One of the key secrets to having great is skin care is by getting enough sleep. While sleep is key in looking fresh and glowing the more important part is moisturizer, especially in the cold winter months. I always keep my nighttime routine extra loaded to make sure my skin is well moisturized for the next day. 

Step One: Double Cleansing 

I always use two facial cleaners when I wash my face for the night. To some this may seem incorrect, especially with the winter weather sucking the moisture out of our face why would we want to zap out the essential oils by double cleansing? For me double cleansing is important because you really want to remove all the traces of the day and start with a fresh palette for your skincare.

My first cleaner is an oil based cleaner, such as the amore pacific treatment cleansing oil for face and eyes. This is great to remove makeup such as foundation, mascara, and eye liner. It also feels moisturizing to the skin.

My second cleaner is a foaming cleanser. My two go-to foaming cleansers are the amore pacific treatment daily cleanser (has small exfoliating microbeads that aren't too harsh for the skin) and shiseido's white lucent brightening cleansing foam (gentle face wash that leaves the skin soft).



After I wash my face I do not use any sort of towel to dry off my face. This is a bit difficult to do in the beginning but it is good to let your skin soak up the water instead of patting it off. I also feel that the texture of terry is not particularly good for the face for daily use. What I will do is dry my hands with a towel and then pat my face with my hands until it dries. 

Step Two: Tone!

This next step is extremely important for the integrity of your skincare--your base or primer if you were applying makeup per se--toner! If anyone was following a basic skincare routine it should go cleaner, toner, moisturizer like the basic 1, 2, 3 but most people ignore this vital step. There are several toners out there in the market for your specific skin type--dry, oily, acne prone, whatever your skin needs! Invest in a good toner for your type of skin and you will see a huge difference in your skin. My all time favorite is the amore pacific treatment toner, but shiseido's white lucent softener or clinique's moisture surge face spray for the extremely dry months work well too. Currently I am using Estee Lauder's Crescent White Brightening Moisture treatment since I have dry skin prone to hyper-pigmentation. 


When I use this toner I pour some out in my hands and pat it on to the skin. Some toners you put on the skin using a cotton pad. As usual always refer to the directions, but go with what it tried and tested and works for you. 

Step Three: Serum

All steps are important as they serve different purposes for your skin; however, this step is actually not always necessary--aka you do not need to do it every time you apply skincare. I do not use serum for my day time skin routine as I feel like there are too many products on my face for the day, but I do use a serum every night. That being said, there is absolutely nothing wrong in using serum in the daytime if you wish to do so, it all comes down to personal preference and skin needs. The purpose of a serum is to deliver specific treatment to your skin--brightening, softening, anti-aging, etc.


My current go-to is Sunday Riley's Good Genes Lactic Acid All in One Treatment and it is definitely a holy grail product. It brightens the skin, it makes the skin softer, it makes the skin look like brand new baby skin again, and it gives skin the best glow without makeup. I place the serum on my skin after the toner has been placed for a minute or so. 

Step Four: Eye Cream

If you suffer from puffy eyes or dark circles you need this. I suffer from puffy eyes and dark circles so I make sure to always use an eye cream at night. The under eye area is very sensitive and it needs moisture, but a lighter one. Regular moisturizers are too tough for the under eye so you need to use an eye cream. I have used many under eye creams, but honestly I have not found the best one for me yet. Yes there is definitely a difference when I do not use under eye cream, but my quest for the hunt for the best dark circle erasing cream is ongoing. Currently I am using Sunday Riley's Auto Correct for puffiness and under eye circles. If provides moisture well and my puffiness is gone, but the dark circles still remain. 


I apply the eye cream after serum and before my full face moisturizer. I use my ring finger to apply the eye cream as it has the least amount of pressure and won't be too strong for the delicate under-eye area.  

Step Five: Moisturizer

The grand master of all skin routines--the moisturizer. If you want to lock in all of your hard work you need to make sure that you have a great moisturizer. Now with the winter months, especially at night, your face has definitely taken a beating from the day and needs to recover overnight. What works best is a thick moisturizer that will seal in all of your skincare. You want something heavy that will sit on the skin and absorb overnight so you can wake up looking refreshed and your skin moisturized. Currently I am using the Dior Capture Total Multi-Perfection Cream. 


I take small amounts of the cream and place it on my skin like little dots concentrating on the cheeks the most as that is the most dry part of my face. I slowly pat in the cream by gently tapping the face until the cream is absorbed into the skin. 

Many people will be done with all the steps above and most nights this is where I stop, but there are some days that I want to pamper my skin even more, so I do the following:

Extra Steps: After an hour or so of the moisturizer fully absorbs into my skin I hit my skin with a facial hydrating spray, the clinique moisture surge for the winter, and wait until that absorbs. Then an hour after that and right before bed I apply my thinner, daytime foundation and some lip balm before going to bed. The next day my skin is extremely nourished and ready for the daytime.

Here is a video to show all the steps in order. Enjoy!


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