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The Many Benefits of Macro Greens!

The Many Benefits of Macro Greens!

Most of us have heard that old saying beauty starts from within, and that statement holds true. While this may be more relevant to your personality and nature as a person, it does hold true to our visible skin as well. Today I will be talking about Macro Greens, a superfood supplement, that I have been consuming for about a year.

Disclaimer: I just really love this product, I have not been contacted by macrolife to create this post.


The Macro Greens that I take on a daily basis comes in a powder form and is mixed into water. Let's start with the details on this product: it is raw, contains no GMO's, gluten free, and vegan. This product contains 18 billion probiotics (woah that's a lot!) and claims that one glass is equivalent to five servings of fruits and vegetables. Most people that take macro greens use this as a dietary supplement....the same reason I started using this when I was introduced to it. 

How I Mix my Macro Greens: Most people do not love the taste of macro greens, most healthy things do not taste great, so it comes at no surprise that they mix it with drinks such as apple juice. Personally, I mix one scoop of my macro greens with 10 oz of water and I really don't mind the taste. I honestly it feels like it tastes like nothing. I drink this first thing in the morning when I wake up. 

The reason I love it for skin: Within two days of consuming macro greens in the morning I noticed how radiant my skin became and it was insane. I frequently go on my binges of green tea or green vegetables at night and my skin loves it. It really does start to glow from within, BUT as I am also an unhealthy food lover it can be sometimes hard to fit in my green vegetables to the extent that I should for that glowy skin. Well macro greens completely took care of that problem for me. I had clear shining skin and all I did was drink a glass of water in the morning. Now I can't vouch that you completely receive the five servings of fruits and vegetables from one glass, but it does definitely have enough to give you a glow. When I stop consuming macro greens my skin starts to lose the glow that I build up very quickly and it is very obvious how important this is for my skin and body. 

Other benefits of macro greens: before taking macro greens I was taking multivitamins, but the benefits from macro greens, for me, have been much greater. Besides the glow to the skin, which was immediate, I also noticed that macro greens was great for my hair. My hair grew thicker and much faster--to the point that my hair dresser was shocked how much my hair had grown in between appointments. I also noticed that my nails also grew faster and stronger. Lastly, macro greens also helps your digestion system throughout the day (thanks to the literal billions of probiotics). 

To recap, macro greens is a super food supplement in the form of a drink that has various benefits.

  • Great for achieving that glowing skin
  • Great source to get veggies and fruit 
  • Great for hair growth
  • Great for nail growth
  • Great for digestive health 

Try it out and let me know if you have any questions I can answer! 

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