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Benefits of Tea

Benefits of Tea

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope everyone is managing to get through their Monday to have a great start to the week! Today I will be highlighting the many benefits of tea in the hopes to convince some people to become tea lovers! 

I think we have all heard the benefits of green tea ad nauseam so I assure you that will not be an entire post just for green tea, though it is pretty incredible!

Drinking tea is a great way to drink your daily amount of water with some flavor and get some health benefits as well! Below I will highlight three different teas that I have been drinking and their benefits. 

1. Turmeric Tea

Up first is my current favorite, and possibly the next ingredient to join the ranks of matcha and coconut oil, turmeric tea!


Turmeric Glow tea blend from David's Tea

Turmeric Glow tea blend from David's Tea

Turmeric is a great ingredient and is most commonly used in curry dishes to give it that yellow color in India. Turmeric has many healing properties for the skin and health as well. Traditionally Indians will use a turmeric made mask for brides and grooms before their wedding day to give skin a glow. Many healers also use turmeric as it contains curcumin, which is a powerful antioxidant.

Ingesting turmeric helps as it is:

  • Anti-inflammatory,
  • Helps increase anti-oxidant levels,
  • Lowers risk of heart disease,
  • Helps against cancer as well as Alzheimer's disease

I love drinking turmeric tea because it helps me de bloat (thanks to the anti inflammatory properties it contains) and it really helps my skin glow.  You can read more about the benefits of turmeric here


2. Cinnamon Tea

Next we have cinnamon tea, which is great for those dealing with higher levels of cholesterol and for ladies that are having problems with their time of the month. 


Cinnamon has been around for a long time and many cultures have used it's powerful properties. It is a very popular herb and has been used for many centuries in traditional medicine and cooking. Cinnamon is also anti-inflammatory and also contains many antioxidants. As a result of the two mentioned cinnamon helps in:

  • Protecting heart health
  • Fighting diabetes
  • Flighting infections and viruses
  • Helping lower the risk of cancer 
  • Protecting brain function
  • Helping protect the skin for rashes, irritations, and infections

Cinnamon is also very effective in lightening heavy periods and helping to cure menorrhagia (prolonged periods). Cinnamon is helpful with other problems relating to menstruation such as PCOS, uterine fibroids, and endometriosis--you can read more about it here. It is also a natural way to help freshen the breath! 


3. Peppermint Tea

Coming in third place is some refreshing peppermint tea!



Going back to the times of the Egyptians we can see the use of peppermint leaves, but it really became popular when it was cultivated in England in the seventeenth century. Peppermint has always been linked to uses for stomach issues, but is also beneficial for use as antiseptic, antibacterial, and as with all these teas--anti-inflammatory. Peppermint tea is good for:

  • When feeling nauseous
  • Stomachaches, the feeling of vomiting, or indigestion
  • Pregnant women to battle morning sickness
  • Respiratory infections 
  • Menstruation pain 

Personally I love peppermint tea because it feels so cooling to the mouth and the stomach. It also gives fresh breath, helps perk up skin, and helps in weight management. You can read more about the benefits and history of peppermint here and here

Where to Purchase

Personally I think it's better to buy loose tea and bags to fill up by yourself. I'm sure many people are familiar to tea shops such as Teavana that sell loose tea, though they are closed now, there area many other shops like that out there. I encourage people to find their own tea shops because there are some very talented tea masters and blends out there! Recently I've been frequenting David's Tea, which is a franchise, and also Dobrev Tea, which is a local shop, to purchase my tea. The grocery store is okay as well (Traditional Medicinals and Celestial are good brands), but I definitely think seeing the tea in it's loose form is better than prepackaged teas. You also want to make sure you purchase good quality tea so that you can actually reap the benefits.

Some Tips

  • Make sure to let your tea steep at least 10 minutes before drinking
  • I do not recommend adding sugar or milk to these teas, I believe they are healthier in their pure form, but if you must add sweetener honey is a good way to do so 
  • Purchase your own tea bags and measuring spoon to measure out tea--David's Tea has some or amazon
  • Consider buying a little steeper tool that you can place your loose tea in and wash after you are done to reuse 
  • Go out and experiment and see what blends you like--there are so many out there for weight management, skin, stress, etc. 

I hope everyone enjoyed this post. Drop a a comment and let me know if you are considering drinking tea or already do so!

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