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ABH Cosmetics: Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Review

ABH Cosmetics: Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Review

Happy Almost Friday Everyone!!

As we head into the weekend I am sure that many of us will be heading out and getting ready to enjoy this beautiful weather! For your weekend looks I am sure that we all have our go to eye shadows and eye shadow palettes, but it never hurts to try something new. 

Recently I've really been enjoying Anastasia Beverly Hills Products (it also helps that they have been more accessible via sales/TJ Maxx stores). I've also noticed that ABH products have been dominating platforms such as instagram, twitter, and youtube. They are most popular for their brow products, but lately their eyeshadow palettes have really been in the limelight. Modern Renaissance, Subculture, and Softglam are features on almost every makeup artists' feed in instagram and the one that caught my eye the most was the subculture palette. 

The palette includes really eye popping colors that are also incredibly pigmented! It's the perfect palette for the upcoming spring and summer as it has some really bright and bold shades. The shade that caught my eye the most was axis (the dark teal green closest to the upper end). This palette comes with fourteen total shades of which 11 are mattes and 3 are holographic type shimmers. This product also has a double ended shadow brush included as well as a mirror int the packaging. The names of the shades are labeled right on the package as well. 



My First Impressions

This palette definitely contains beautiful shadows, that's for sure, but how would it look on? I first did a swatch test and these colors swatched amazingly! They were so pigmented in fact that I was scared I wouldn't be able to remove it from my arm. I know that arm swatch tests aren't detrimental to the product's success, but it does give you an idea of how the product is formulated and how it will feel on the skin. I was definitely excited after doing the initial swatches!




The Good:

I filmed the first time I used this product and I was so pleasantly surprised! I used the lightest shade to begin and then moved on to a medium shade, new wave, which I really thought would not show up very much. To my surprise the color was extremely pigmented and showed up greatly on my eyes. The mattes that are included in this palette are simply amazing! They really go on very well, are highly pigmented, blend well, and stay in place. I don't think I could ask for more. 

I have found that matte colors are hard to formulate for most companies. I've seen some companies that deliver extremely strongly with shimmers and then fail with mattes. I believe mattes should be more highly pigmented, and not pale or soft. This palette does exactly that and I am so happy to see that! 

Some minor details that I really enjoy about the palette is the fact that it comes with a mirror and a brush included. That may sound small, but it makes it so much easier when traveling. 

The Bad (but not really):

I was not as impressed with the holographic shimmers to be honest. The color that I used was adorn and I had a little (teensy bit) of difficulty applying it to my eye lid. They look like pressed glitters, but they do not apply like pressed glitters. I originally started by lightly patting them in, but it didn't work that way, so instead I switched to gliding them on and that seemed to work. The other two shimmery shades proved also difficult to place on, but did look nice when applied. 

One more minor detail that I was a bit disappointed in was the messiness of the palette. The palette ended up having some fallout in the palette. Sometimes this could be due to the brush that you use, and knowing that fact I specifically used the brush that was included. Most brushes that are included with palettes are not of the highest quality, but it is my firm belief that it should work for your product. Urban Decay Cosmetics are excellent with their brush pairings for their shadow; the smokey palette has by far the best brush included in a shadow palette for me. I also did not like how messy it looked after one use. 

IMG_2785 2.JPG

The Final Verdict:

Overall I was really impressed with this palette, and I really had very minor complaints about it. This palette DELIVERED! I wanted a palette with bold matte colors that were strongly pigmented. This is exactly what this palette gave me. The shimmer shades, though slightly difficult to apply, were still very nice and gave a subtle glow. For me this palette is a solid 9/10. You definitely are missing out if you do not have this palette! 

Here is the video that I did using this product for the first time:


I thank you all for reading and visiting my blog. Have a great day! 

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