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Kandy4Beauty Pressed Glitter Initial Thoughts

Kandy4Beauty Pressed Glitter Initial Thoughts

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great start to the week! Today I wanted to do a quick little first impressions post on the Kandy4Beauty pressed glitter palette. 


Kandy4Beuaty 24 Pressed Glitter can be purchased  here

Kandy4Beuaty 24 Pressed Glitter can be purchased here


Let's begins by talking about the company a little bit. Kandy4Beauty is a startup so it is a very young company and they retail jewelry, beauty, bags, and accessories. Their mission is to offer trendy and affordable products for the modern girl.

They state, "We are an affordable fashion and beauty store, where a girl can find all the things that enhance her beauty and inspire her to be the most fabulous version of herself,".

They are also cruelty free which is always a plus. They are based in the US and in Asia (I believe right now their products are being shipped from Asia). 

I think it is always cool to give a spotlight to startups and I was very excited when they reached out to try some of their products. It was also good to note that they asked specifically for feedback--which is extremely important for any business as they start out. Below are my honest first impressions. 


I am a Sephora Rogue member, so I am very used to receiving product within two to three days, so this was definitely a longer wait. I believe it took two to two and a half weeks. While the wait was long it was understandable since it was coming overseas. With the circumstances it made sense and I think the shipping time was average for an overseas shipment. 

Product Look

Before I received the package I was emailed and told that it would come in simple packaging and I understood that. I do love that there are 24 colors and they are beautiful! Here are shots of the front and back of the palette: 


As you can see there is no name or writing so there is no label on the package and the ingredients list on the back is quite difficult to read--I will admit that it's pretty cool not to see a thousand ingredients in this product. The inside also do not include names for the shades, which is not entirely necessary, but something that I've become accustomed to from other products. 




I was amazed by how well these glitters swatched! For reference these swatched were on my hand (obviously) but I did not have any type of foundation, concealer, glitter glue, etc. These were just swatched on my hands as I was playing around with it and I was so surprised by how well they stuck on! These glitters have definitely been pressed down correctly, and I can only imagine how they will look once they are applied with a proper base (I don't even think I need any glitter glue for them). Later on when I went to shower I had the water running down and nothing happened to the stayed in place! When I started to rub it came off fairly easily, which was a good sign, but overall I was very impressed by the swatches. 

I'm very excited to play around and create some looks with this in the next upcoming days!

To buy this specific product head here

To check out this brand head to 

You can also use my code upsnaapicks to receive 20% off sitewide as well. 

I'm very excited to play around and create some looks with this in the next upcoming days!

Stay Tuned and have a wonderful start to the week!

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