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Morning Skincare Routine

Morning Skincare Routine

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


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The work week is almost over and the weekend is so close! One of the things that makes the work week super busy are the mornings. Between getting up, getting ready, eating breakfast, and beating the traffic it can get quite hectic. Since we're so busy in the mornings I wanted to share a quick morning skin care routine for you all. 

I keep my morning SIMPLE! I do not have time to get fancy in the morning because I love sleep and sleeping until the very last possible minute (meaning not too much time to get ready). Due to this my morning routine (unlike nighttime routine) is super quick with the least amount of products. 

1. Cleanse Face

This is pretty straight forward: wash your face with your favorite cleanser. For the mornings I suggest a gentle cleanser as your skin is relatively clean and moisturized (I hope) from the night before and does not need a heavy duty cleanser to remove from the day and makeup. I use Sisley's White Lily Cleanser. It is quite gentle and made for people with drier skin. I tend to wash my face in the shower (where the water is warmer) and then splash cold water once I get out. Tip: Warm water will dry out skin faster so to retain moisture add a splash of cold water to the face. 


2. Tone Face

The second step is really easy....grab some toner and apply it to your face. I like to put a little in my hand and then pat it into the skin. Toner helps to get your skin ready for the next step. It also helps with your specific concern....dry skin, acne prone skin, oily skin, etc. For me toner is important as it helps to add more moisture to my skin. Here's a great read if you want to learn more. Currently I am using the crescent white moisturizing toner. It helps brighten and moisturize my skin. 


3. Moisturize Face 

Moisturizer in the daytime does prep work for the skin for the products following skincare (most likely foundation). It is important to have a different daytime and nighttime moisturizer. During the nighttime you want something that is heavy duty and will keep your skin moisturized overnight, but you don't want something so strong during the daytime. In the nighttime your moisturizer is most likely your last step as you seal everything in. In the daytime your moisturizer is really your base step before makeup, so you want something light. I've been using the Sisley Black Rose Cream moisturizer. It has a gel like consistency and goes on very lightly. Even with being a light moisturizer it still delivers the skin with enough moisture for a dry face like mine.


4. Protect Face

Your last step to finish up your skincare routine would be to add a layer of SPF protection. It is extremely important to protect your skin from the sun. If you want to help diminish post acne marks, discoloration, and protect again harmful UV rays add a sunscreen. My favorite is the Diorsnow UV shield because it is simply amazing. I talk more about the importance of sunscreen and do a review of it here


To make this routine a little easier to understand I made a video, I hope you enjoy and as always let me know if there are any questions! 

Until next time! 

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