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The Only Way to Make Your Lipstick Last: Quick Morning Makeup

The Only Way to Make Your Lipstick Last: Quick Morning Makeup

Happy Thursday Everyone! 

Just one day away from the weekend and I wanted to share my super easy makeup routine for busy mornings. 

Now this is my routine every morning because I never have time in the morning, but if you're looking for something quick here it is. Since this is a quick look I want the most impact with the least amount of products and time.....meaning one thing: a super bright lip

For the morning I do a very quick skin routine and then follow with two (sometimes three) products: concealer, lipstick, and sometimes highlighter. 


1. Concealer

I place concealer under my eyes and on any area I find to have discoloration. I don't like to take the time with foundation in the morning and like to focus on key areas with concealer. For myself I really find that my under-eyes always need extra attention even if I have foundation....but a strong concealer helps brighten that area. 

You can definitely switch this step for foundation instead if that works better for you, but concealer will definitely take less time. 


2. Lipstick 

I use a bright color to wake up my complexion. I like to pick blue based lipsticks to brighten my cheeks, eyes, and teeth. I always do a matte look, but I actually choose a lipstick that has a creamy, satiny, or even glossy finish. Many matte lipsticks tend to fall into the fine lines of the lips, and they really tend to dry out the lips. 

My tip is to take a creamy lipstick and make it matte. To do this first apply one layer of the lipstick and then dab it with a Kleenex tissue. This first step is to really get a good first coating of the pigment. Next apply another coat of your lipstick and then dab it against the Kleenex again. After two layers are complete finish with adding some powder directly to the lips (I have this highlighted in the video below so it's easier to understand). 


3. Highlighter (Optional)

The last step is optional, but somedays adding a little shine really helps to brighten a tired face. The rule with highlighter is to add it where the light the tops of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, forehead, cupids bow, and possibly the chin. Other areas are also the collarbones and shoulders.

Here is a video to show you this easy routine: 

Thanks for visiting! Please let me know if you like the videos and as always thank you for reading! 

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