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How To: Wear Dark Lipstick

How To: Wear Dark Lipstick

Welcome back to Upsnaa Picks Everyone and Happy Wednesday! 

I apologize for not posting for so long, a few back problems arose and sitting and writing was a little difficult, but I am back to bring you some more tips! 


Today I want to talk about how to wear dark lipstick. I understand just how difficult it can be to wear dark, bold lipstick as it demands a LOT of attention. Dark lipstick is also something that will show painfully if you don't have the rest of your face done correctly. The main aim of this looks is to have a lot of warmth on your face. There are a lot of elements that need go into getting the right look for a dark lip. Below I will highlight the areas that are essential for a dark lip:

Warm Skin

First and foremost your skin needs to be at the right place to pull off dark lipstick. If you have a natural tan you are going to have the easiest time with it, but if you are pale you will need to put in more effort. I was on the paler side when I started, so I had to warm up my skin. To warm up the skin I used a foundation shade just a tad darker than my face. I also enlisted the help of contour and bronzer on the outside of my face. Your skin needs to be set really well because dark lipstick will really bring a lot of attention to the face. What I did was create light in the middle of the face and create shadows and warmth on the outside of the face. You can see in the picture to the right that there is a lot of light in the nose, cheeks, and chin whereas the outside of the cheekbones, jaw, and upper forehead is darker. 

Strong Brows, Simple Eyes

I will admit that my brows are a little too strong for this picture (sadly the lighting got the best of me), but the concept is still there. You will need to have strong, bold, and dark brows to balance out the super deep lip. If your lip is super bold but you have thin and light brows at the top it will almost wash out your face. Think about keeping both ends even--the brows at the top and the lips at the bottom. The brows are what will help keep the face balanced. I kept the eye makeup very simple as you can't have too many areas pop in this look, and what should pop is the lips. I would definitely suggest adding some false lashes to the look while keeping the rest of the eye very simple. 

Deep Blush

Blush is a very necessary component in this look. If you don't have a nice tan before you attempt this look, then I strongly suggest using some blush. I used a warm berry and a dusky orange color mixed together for my face. I needed color all over to be able to pull off this look, so I applied it on my cheeks, forehead, across the bridge of my nose, as well as my jaw and chin. It may sound excessive, but you need your face to be ready!


The last thing that I must add on here is the most crucial: confidence. You will always be able to pull off any look you go for as long as you have confidence. Dark lips, bright lips, nude lips, it all requires confidence. You need to look comfortable and your body language needs to relay that YOU like your look before anyone else does!


Now that I have explained some of the elements on this look, I am going to leave you all with a tutorial on how to achieve this look. I hope you rock some bold lips soon too! 

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