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Fenty Beauty Lip Paint Stunna Review

Fenty Beauty Lip Paint Stunna Review

Hello and Happy Thursday to all the lovely people out there!


Image retrieved from  here

Image retrieved from here

Today I wanted to shine the spotlight on a beautiful and universally flattering red, the stunna lip paint by Fenty Beauty!


My Thoughts on Fenty Beauty: 

Rihanna, in my opinion, is a makeup genius. Many celebrities create makeup lines, but besides the extreme success of Kylie cosmetics I have not seen a bigger launch until Fenty Beauty. Not only did the word get out fast amongst influencers, but the brand was also praised highly. The best part about Fenty Beauty is that they began with very high quality products and as it is a new brand their prices are lower. I know, you may be thinking, Fenty Beuty is NOT cheap, but I think for the quality it is. This liquid lipstick has quickly become a cult favorite of mine next to Armani Beauty and YSL, and those run around $35-$40, so comparatively I do believe this product is priced well. If you are comparing it to colourpop then, yes, it is priced higher. Last thing to add on here is that this brand is cruelty free, which I think is important and *hopefully* becoming an industry norm. 

Intro to The Lipstick:

Moving on to the actual lipstick, it is a matte liquid lipstick that is said to be a universally flattering red. It only comes in one color, which I think is kind of bad ass, and it is called uncensored. According to beauty insiders Rihanna was very thorough on testing this lipstick on many different people to make sure the shade is universal. Personally, I have always thought that there is no one red that can suit everyone, but with this product I seem to be proven incorrect so far. The lipstick claims to last 12 hours and retails for $24 at Sephora, you can buy it here.


My Experience:

When it comes to red lipstick, I am one picky lady. I have my favorites and they are from higher end brands, so it is not easy to break into the top in my opinion. The stunna lip paint by Fenty Beauty really broke my expectations and made it to the top of my list. I thought, with it being a new brand, that it would be overhyped and I would not actually end up liking the product; especially since it claimed to be a universal red. I was so so so wrong. The first time I applied the lipstick I was very hesitant, but by the end of the day I was very happy with the result. This shade works perfectly during the day and night.



I love the formula that they use for this product. It is so lightweight and it does NOT dry out the lips, which is my favorite part. I love the applicator, I think it is unique and helps to contour to the lips. The lip paint dries down extremely fast, and if you set it with some powder it is literally unstoppable! You can see how this lippie performs next to everyday tasks, such as eating here:



This product performs very well throughout the day and stays on. I really like how it does not dry out the lips, show cracks, or breaks up. This product really makes me excited for the future of this brand and I can't wait to see what comes next. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is not afraid of a bold red. 

Quick run down of this product:

  • It will actually stay on for 12 hours, probably longer depending on what you do throughout the day
  • It contours really well to the lips
  • It is universally flattering
  • It is comfortable to wear

Thank you everyone for reading and have a wonderful day! 

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