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Power of Contour: Gigi Hadid Transformation

Power of Contour: Gigi Hadid Transformation

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Today I wanted to discuss and share with you my steps on how to transform your face using contour. In my opinion, contour is the most powerful weapon in a makeup artist, or enthusiast's, arsenal. Contour can help change your looks, help you mimic features, and help shape and define a face. It can seem a little daunting, but if you go step by step it is really not that difficult and can actually be quiet fun! 

Recently I recreated a look that Gigi Hadid did on the iHeartRadio Red Carpet back in 2016. 


Gigi's makeup was very simple overall with a bright bold lip, something that is right up my alley! Her eye makeup was very minimal and the rest of her face had a nice soft glow. To achieve this look I relied heavily on the help of contour to help transform my face, here are the steps I followed below:

Step One: Cold Contour (Cream Contour) 

The first step to achieve that contour is to create lines using a dark contour shades. The first step is to make angles on the face, and this is very key, especially when creating a different face shape. I call this first step a cold contour because you are using a dark color to make lines on the face, which will sculpt the face and make it look cold (without color). To achieve Gigi's look I used contour to shape my cheeks, shorten and square off my chin and jaw, and to create more depth to my forehead. Gigi also has a larger mouth and bigger lips than I do, so I used contour underneath my mouth to show off the same pout. I also noticed that Gigi's laugh lines were visible even when she wasn't smiling (I believe this is because her cheeks are more defined on her face), so I added that to her face. Overall Gigi's face seems wider than it is taller, so I used contour to create that look. 



Step Two: Light Contour (Highlighting) 

The second step to a creating and transforming a face is to use a light shade to bring light to the face. The purpose of this next step is to show where the light hits the face as well as emphasize how the features are shaped. You want to use this step to highlight features. For example, Gigi's chin and forehead are more rounded than mine and her cheeks are wider. Her nose is also more broad on the top than mine is. If you noticed her face, her jaw is more square and juts out more than mine does. To change my features for all of those mentioned above I used a lighter shade to bring emphasis to those areas. 


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 3.02.32 PM.png

Step Three: Set and Bake (Loose Powder) 

Now that you have spent so much time contouring and highlighting you need to set it all. This third step will help ensure that your face is flawless for the whole day without creasing or smudging. The most popular technique for this is called "baking" in the beauty community. What this does is set your makeup by cooking it underneath so that the cream and the powder fuse together. This technique actually comes from the drag community for when they have to set their faces for shows. I have seen almost every makeup artist using this technique to set the face lately, including the makeup artists for the Kardashians. At first glance it looks difficult, but it is quiet easy to do. All you have to do is take a damp sponge, dip it into loose powder, and stamp it across your face where you have highlighted. Just remember that you don't use powder that is completely white and doesn't have any color as it will flash back and create white spots in photos. 


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 3.15.38 PM.png

Step Four: Warmth and Glow (Bronzer and Highlighter)

The last step to complete this look is to bring back some warmth and glow to your face. Layering foundation, concealer, contour, and powder can leave your face looking cold and devoid of color. To set the "cold" contour that you did go over the top with some warming bronzer to bring some of the color that you lost back in your face. At this point your should also go over the cheeks with some blush to get some of the color back. I used a mix of orange and deep berry to achieve Gigi's color. Lastly, you finish it off with some highlighter over all of the areas that you highlighted with concealer. Gigi had a lot of glow so I used a lot of highlighter, especially over my cheeks and chin. The final look is below:



To follow all of the steps above and more follow my latest video as I transform into Gigi Hadid!


I hope this post and video have been educational and informative. Please leave me a comment and I would love it if you could subscribe so I can share more looks with you!


Have a great week ahead! 

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