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Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions Review

Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions Review

Happy Thursday Everyone!
Today I will be covering a review of Huda Beauty's Warm Brown Obsessions palette.
First Glance: I absolutely fell in love with the palette when I saw it in Sephora. I'm a sucker for mattes and the colors are beautiful and that glitter in the middle is captivating, so I had to buy it! Look at those can make so many looks!


Initial Thoughts: The first thing I did after purchase was to swatch it to see how the colors showed on my skin. I was a little concerned because the colors were not deeply pigmented or as finely packed as I had thought. Since I swatched it on my hands however without any base I overlooked that point. 


Upon first hitting the brush to the shadows I was a little disappointed because there was a LOT of fallout. Now, by the third time I used it I used a different brush and there was less fallout on the pan but it completely coats the eyelashes and falls all over the under eye area. Tip: when using this palette do your foundation after or use under eye guards. 
The consistency: These colors are very light and powdery (if that makes sense)....they go all over the place because I believe they not as finely packed down. They are however pretty colors and the looks are pretty, but the colors are not as deep as I prefer. The glitter shade as well goes on more shimmery than glittery (you can see it in the look below). Perhaps I can try using a damp brush and yield different results, but this light powdery consistency seem to be in other palettes as well. I have tried the desert dusk palette and had the same experience. 


Final Thoughts: this is a pretty palette and I will definitely keep using it--the colors are actually very good for light day looks. Don't expect major pigment or payoff....and I would not suggest using this for night time looks solely on its own. It's a pretty palette, and I would have loved it if the colors were deeper, but there are plenty more on the market. 
Have a good day everyone and let me know your thoughts on this palette or other Huda Beauty eyeshadows! 
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